the concert harp

Michael has been performing on Celtic Harps for over 2 decades, and this concert harp has now been in the family for about a decade.  Michael performs all the standard wedding music and much more on this beautiful instrument.

This concert harp is a Venus model made of maple wood.  This harp is available for the Concert harp wedding package and many other events.  71 inches high, 24 inches wide, 43 inches deep, and weighing 85 pounds, this harp is not easily portable. 

For receptions, this harp may be amplified if needed.  For all weddings, no amplification is needed with this harp.

The Concert harp should not be exposed to temperatures below 55F.  The Celtic harp can withstand lower temperatures.  For temperatures above 85F, it should not be in direct sunlight.  None of our instruments should be exposed to rain, but we do have a canopy (which we bring with a 30% or more chance of rain for outdoor weddings).

When choosing bet ween the concert harp and Celtic harp for your special event (or choosing both of them; we do h ave clients who choose the Celtic harp for the wedding ceremony, and the Concert harp for the ballroom reception for examples), here's some helpful info... 

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"I was absolutely amazed at the duo. They are amazing, even made me cry with their music at our first meeting!! Just great, they have a wide selection of music and are even willing to learn something that is not on their list (but they have everything). I would highly recommend their services, just fabulous!!”
3/15/13 wedding

harp and viola