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Angelic Strings


Celtic Harp

Michael has been performing on Celtic harps for over 2 decades.  Our Celtic harp is a 29 string Stoney End Lorraine Harp.  Michael has two smaller Celtic harps, but this one is our harp for the standard Celtic harp ‘wedding package’.  We performed 55 weddings in 2005 on this harp.  This cherry-wood harp is 56 inches high, 13 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and weighs 15 pounds.  This harp is very portable, has a beautiful full sound, and can be used for all the styles of music listed on the set list page.  Almost all of the harp music samples on this website use this harp.  This the harp used on our CDs:

Angelic Strings
Stairway to Heaven: Passion and Compassion
Reflections of the Heart 

Michael Frank Morris
Whirling Dreams
Celtic Blues
Holiday Harp

For receptions, we amplify this harp.  For almost all weddings (98%), no amplification is needed with this harp.

When choosing between the concert harp and Celtic harp for your special event (or choosing both of them; we do have clients who choose the Celtic harp for the wedding ceremony, and the Concert harp for the ballroom reception), here’s some additional information... 





Size (h*w*d)

Weight (w/o case)

# of octaves



Celtic Harp


Very Portable
light and easy to move; can easily fit into most mid-size vehicles


15 lbs


Beautiful, mellow, listen for yourself

Our prices are very reasonable for professional musicians.  Please contact us for a quote, and to see if we are available for your date

Concert Harp


Requires dolly and large vehicle to transport


~85 lbs


Beautiful & mellow, but bigger & grander.  More deep notes & high notes.  About twice as loud. Listen for yourself 

It is ~$150 more for us to bring the concert harp      (e.g. the ‘Concert harp wedding package’).  Please contact us for a quote.

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