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Reflections of the Heart

Reflections is an evolution from Michael’s previous ‘Whirling Dreams’ CD.   This is especially true in the two longer pieces ‘Gratitude Attitude’ and  ‘Reflections of the Heart’.  In ‘Reflections’ the breathtakingly beautiful Shakuhachi flute sound rolls into a tryptych of harp, viola and percussion.  It is truly a reflection of our hearts and prayerful meditations.

1) Gratitude Attitude 14:04
2) Eagle Skye 3:41
3) Riverflow 3:41
4) Inflow 2:08
5) Reflections of the Heart 22:20
    music sample at start, 6min, 13min, 20min
6) Fur Elise 4:22
7) Lark in the Morning 2:01
8) Greensleeves 3:03
9) Amazing Grace 2:20

In addition, the last four songs of the CD are familiar favorites including our versions of Fur Elise, Lark in the Morning, Greensleeves and Amazing Grace.

Cover Photo by Cindy Chang

Feedback from purchaser Moises V.: ‘my wife puts on this CD to cure her migraines - works wonderfully - Thank you!’

‘Reflections of the Heart’ is a musical massage!  - R. Adams from a live performance 8/6/06

Now available at CDBaby & on the button above...

Also locally they are available in Austin at Borders (near the Arboretum) and Music Exchange.

And its sister CD ‘Stairway to Heaven: Passion & Compassion’...

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