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We love to be of service at weddings.  We are happy to interview with you for your wedding or other special event.  You can easily download sample mp3s, although the CD that comes with our wedding package has longer music samples.  Thank you for helping us be of service.

Celtic harp

With Angelic Strings, you can choose your harp...

The Celtic harp is more portable and has a full, beautiful harp sound.  We tend to recommend this harp for outdoor or smaller weddings.

The Concert harp is elegant, beautiful & large, (the size of a harp from an orchestra).  We  recommend this harp for larger weddings, and is available for outdoor events.

Concert harp

Our Celtic harp wedding package
Celtic harp & viola duos

* music consultation and our demo CD
* the following instruments: Celtic harp & viola, Celtic harp with vocals, solo Shaikohachi or Native flute
* 30 minutes of prelude music
*processional music for the wedding party
*processional music for the bride
*recessional music
* any additional music needs during the ceremony
(special music, or background music during
prayer, poetry, candlelighting)

* a discount on music for the ‘cocktail hour’ or ‘reception music

Our Concert harp wedding package
Concert harp & viola duos

* everything described to the left in the Celtic harp wedding package (except the Celtic harp)
* concert harp & viola at your wedding ceremony


* Michael’s mother is a flutist who can accompany us at weddings to form a (harp-flute-viola) trio.
* Michael performs several other instruments (most popular are hammered dulcimer, Native flute, & vocals)
* We do have vocalists that we can recommend, and happy to work with your vocalist.

check availability, and get a price quote

common wedding music selections

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