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We are commonly asked to play music during the cocktail hour, dinner or reception following the ceremony.  The cocktail hour is usually the hour just after your ceremony while the wedding party photographs are being taken and guests are served cocktails.  Our music is a perfect compliment for the elegant atmosphere just after your wedding!   

We have a wide variety of styles to suit your needs (and we do learn new music).  Though we can play whatever music you want, here are 3 typical reception set lists:  classical, love songs, & fun/energetic music...  We also have a wide variety of Latin, Italian, and Celtic music.  Much more music is available on our set list page.

Here is a 6/22/08 set list for 1 hr prelude music (30 min extra), the ceremony, and 2.5 hours of reception music on a beautiful Sunday evening at Villa Antonia.  This couple wanted a little Mexican folk music to celebrate her heritage, and a lot of love songs at the reception.


We do provide amplification during the cocktail hour (or reception).  While not needed before or during the wedding, amplification (depending on the venue and number of guests) helps considerably at the reception.  We typically perform for an hour or two (stopping for announcements) until the DJ or a bigger band begins.  However, we are sometimes asked to play for 3-4 hours. 

Photo by Aimage; wedding at Trois Estates at Enchanted Rock
Michael & Belinda
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