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Michael has been performing on harp since 1997, and his concert harp has now been in the family since 2006.  Michael performs all the standard wedding music and many other styles.

Summary: Of our two harps, you don't need to specify which type to booking us; the deposit is the same.  For those that want to know details...

Details: Our concert harp is a Venus model, and the wood is maple.  This harp is available for the ‘Concert harp wedding package’.

For receptions, this harp may be amplified if needed.  For all weddings, no amplification is needed with this harp... though we sometimes amplify if we feel it is appropriate.

The Concert harp should not be exposed to temperatures below 55F.  The Celtic harp can withstand lower temperatures.  For temperatures above 85F, it should not be in direct sunlight.  None of our instruments should be exposed to rain, but we do have a canopy (which we bring with a 30% or more chance of rain for outdoor weddings).

When choosing between the concert harp and Celtic harp for your special event (or choosing both of them; we do have clients who choose the Celtic harp for the wedding ceremony, and the Concert harp for the ballroom reception for examples), here’s some helpful info...

Michael's Celtic harp is a 29 string Stoney End Lorraine Harp.  Michael has two smaller Celtic harps, but the Lorriane is our harp for the standard Celtic harp ‘wedding package’.  This cherry-wood harp is 56 inches high, 13 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and weighs 15 pounds.

This harp is portable with a beautiful bright sound, and can be used for all the styles of music listed on the set list page.  Though some songs in our repertiore do require the Concert harp, most standard songs can be performed on Michael's Celtic harp.


Celtic Harp

Concert Harp





Very Portable
light and easy to move; can easily fit into most mid-size vehicles

Requires dolly and large vehicle to transport

Size (h*w*d)



Weight (w/o case)

15 lbs

~85 lbs

# of octaves




Beautiful, and 'brighter'

Beautiful & mellow, but grander.  More deep notes & high notes.  About twice as loud. 


Please contact us for a quote, and to see if we are available for your date

It is ~$75 more for us to bring the concert harp      (e.g. the ‘Concert harp wedding package’).  Please contact us for a quote.



Belinda was introduced to viola in middle school, and now is performing continuously with her harpist husband (in addition to solo performances).

This gorgeous viola is a 16” cherry wood 2001 Eastman Strings ‘Mont’ model, and is a beautiful partner for either the Celtic harp or the Concert harp.  The viola has a slightly mellower sound than the violin and is like the alto of the string section.  This viola was a wedding present from Michael to Belinda.



We are happy to work with vocalists, and can make recommendations.  Also, Michael can sing while playing harp, and is willing to do so on familiar songs (including Ave Maria Schubert, and many jazz standards like “Fly Me to the Moon”).

If your singer is not in the Austin area, we can create (with time permitting - at least a month in advance is preferred) and send them a rehearsal mp3 with which to practice.  For singers in Austin, we’re happy to meet with the vocalist at our house to go through music, or (if possible) create and send them a rehearsal mp3.

For several songs, we have ‘rehearsal mp3s’ already prepared (commonly used are Ave Maria-Schubert, and Lord’s Prayer).



Michael enjoys playing bagpipes, both for weddings & funerals.  He learned pipes at the request of his stepfather, Barry Vickers, who asked him to learn bagpipes for his funeral.

Michael is a piper with Silver Thistle Pipes & Drums.

His hymns on bagpipes include “Amazing Grace”, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, “This is Our Father’s World”, “Morning Has Broken” & “As the Deer...”.



Michael's mother, Kathy Vickers, performs on flute in a trio with Angelic Strings.  Kathy performs with us on arrangements of classical music and hymns.

Hammered Dulcimer

hammered dulcimer

Michael performs hammered dulcimer for special events, and has worked often with choirs in the Austin area.

2015 Conspirare Youth Choir of Austin, TX (Dec 11-12, 2015). Video link
2010 Conspirare Youth Choir of Austin, TX
2009 Chisholm Trail Middle Choir girls choir (RRISD) in their UIL competition on the Malcolm Daglish & Henry Leck piece “The Kalanta of the New Year”.
2006 Crockett High School (AISD) choir in their UIL competition.
2005 - Malcolm Daglish/Henry Leck piece “Sail Away” with Sean Mann’s Lamar Middle School girls choir in Temple, TX at UIL and the Hurricane Harbor 2005
2005 - TMEA 2005 with the Clint Small Middle School choir and Rick Gabrillo on “Reel a’ Bouche” by Malcolm Daglish & Henry Leck.

Other instruments



Michael regularly performs for meditations on the peaceful Shaiko-hachi, a Japanese flute.  Often he performs this is combination with the Celtic harp (also in a meditative style).  CDs of his music can be found at his wife's website: Lovitations



Michael is also an excellent pianist, & particularly enjoys playing sentimental standards on piano, often adding vocals as well.

Typical songs :“Fly Me to the Moon”, “Moon River”, “Blue Moon”, “As Time Goes By”, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”.



Diggerydoo is an instrument from the Native Australian Aboriginals.  

In this case, for an outdoor wedding (Umlauf), the diggery-doo was used a call to officially start the ceremony.

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