We can and do learn new music.

If you want to order new music for your event, this is our standard policy:

1) Please let us know at least a month in advance of any new music requests.

2) Generally new music will be played on harp alone, and up to 3 requests may be made per ceremony.  Additional requests may be made for an extended reception.

3) Not all music can be played on a harp.  However, I am certainly willing to give any sheet music a try.

4) Learning (& performing) ‘new music’ from sheet music is currently free. 

5) Because of time constraints, we need ‘sheet music’ to perform new music.  If the music has not been published, we may be able to perform it, but it depends on the complexity of the music.  Please see ‘7’ below...

6) If we have to buy the sheet music,  we will add that charge (usually $5.50 online), and we get to keep the sheet music.  Receipt will be provided if desired.

7) If we have to write the sheet music from scratch, this can be very time consuming (fun, but time-consuming).   We reserve the right to charge an extra fee for the time to decipher it.  Currently our price is $75 (depends on complexity, and how much spare time I have) to figure out a song from an mp3 or CD.  We have done this with Forevermore, Daughters, Circle Game, Twilight & Mist, Amazing, Wigwam and more.  I can provide a price quote after receiving an mp3 or loaned CD.

Sample songs that have been requested:

Because You Loved Me
Blue Moon
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Game of Thrones (Main Theme)
Good Morning Beautiful
Grand March of Aida
Here and Now
I Can Only Imagine
November Rain
Once Upon a Dream
Peter Gunn
Send in the Clowns
Star Wars Theme
Sunshine on my Shoulders
The Road that Never Ends
The Twelfth of Never
These Days
Thigpen’s Wedding
Twilight & Mist
When You Love Someone
Wigwam (from Royal Tenenbaums)
You Are My King
Young & Beautiful
& several Josh Groban songs

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