Since occasionally we have had brides with beautiful ceremonies in inclement weather, here are the limitations of our instruments (and of most wooden instruments).

We can play from any available covered area (including sometimes our own 10x10 canopy).  Since our instruments are made of wood, we do need cover in the case of rain or drizzle (which can damage our instruments).

Extreme Humidity:
In extreme humidity (the only case I’ve ever seen that made this happen was a very dense fog), it is possible that our instruments (or any wooden instrument) may become difficult to play. 

Extreme Cold:
Below about 50 degrees, a heater will be required to keep our fingers nimble enough to perform.  Also, our instruments may go out of tune at these temperatures.  Below 40 degrees, playing may be impossible without two heaters provided by the client, and the duration of the ceremony (including seating guests) should be no more than 30 minutes.

Direct Sunlight:
Direct sunlight can warp the harp, and so partial shade (at least) is necessary... especially during the summer.

Strong Winds:
Turning pages of sheet music becomes impossible.  We sometimes switch to memorized music under these conditions.


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